Won First Place in Design Class


Innovation project at Brigham Young University
Course: TECH 112


January 2022

Tools Used

3D model, pptx


Professor: Dr. Geoff Wright
Teammates: Chloe Weng, Savannah Kimzey, Trevor Jones, Hunter Kent


Our idea stemmed from the frustration of cleaning hair buildups in bathroom drains after showering, which can lead to clogs and various problems. To address this, we innovated a device placed on top of the sink drain, equipped with blades to chop hair into smaller pieces for easy drainage. Considering safety, we designed the device to be child-proof with a flat shape and blades out of reach. The manual spin mop concept was chosen to avoid battery-related issues and provide convenience. The top of the device is made of a silicone pad, connecting to a turbine with multiple small blades that can be activated by stepping on the lid.



We leveraged the SCAMPER analysis framework to analyze our product. By exploring substitutions, adaptations, combinations, magnifications, new uses, eliminations, and rearrangements, we unlocked creativity and refined our offering. SCAMPER proved to be a valuable tool in enhancing our product with fresh perspectives.

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