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Hi there! I’m Tzu-Yu Weng, also known as Chloe. I’m studying Strategic Management (Product Management track) at Brigham Young University Marriott School. During my time here, I co-founded a startup connecting seniors with nursing students for housing in exchange for caregiving. I contributed to app design, product research, planning, and conducting product interviews.

My research interests lie in social computing, human-computer interaction, and designing tools to improve human accessibility. I focus on creating technologies that enhance communication and privacy across diverse cultures, addressing social challenges through innovative solutions. Currently, as a Research Assistant at the Social Technology and Privacy Lab, I lead a project on Cross-Cultural Communication and Privacy, exploring the design of tools using generative AI to mitigate cross-cultural miscommunication.


[1] Tzu-Yu Weng, Ananya Gupta, Bart Knijnenburg, Mainack Mondal, Nancy Fulda, and Xinru Page. 2024. Identifying Tensions in Online Cross-Cultural Communication. Presented at IUI SOCIALIZE 2024, South Carolina, United States.


[2] Kirsten Chapman, Tzu-Yu Weng, et al. 2024. An Automated Way to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles. Presented at the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) 2024, Melbourne, Australia.

[3] Kirsten Chapman, Tzu-Yu Weng, et al. 2024. Supporting Digital Independence for Young Adults Through Education. Presented at INSAR 2024, Melbourne, Australia.

[4] Tzu-Yu Weng, et al. 2024. Identifying Tensions That Arise in Cross-Cultural Online Communication. Poster presented at the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (UCUR) 2024, Orem, Utah.

BYU Social Technology and Privacy Lab (STaPL)

Undergraduate Research Assistant- July 2022-Present

Advisor: Associate Professor Xinru, Page (Computer Science Department, BYU)

Cross-Cultural Privacy and Communication Project (Team-lead):

  • Leading a seven-member team in systematic prompt engineering with GPT models to address cross-cultural communication barriers using OpenAI. Actively refining research prompts and slated to begin a grant proposal.
  • Developed and executed interview protocols, conducting in-depth interviews and qualitative analysis with Dovetail and Python; presented key insights at IUI SOCIALIZE 2024.

Autism and Social Media Project:

  • Design user-centric interfaces with Figma for an automated system that identifies fake Facebook profiles; the project was accepted for presentation at INSAR 2024.
  • Conducted targeted user design interviews to optimize the Facebook communication system design for the autism community, enhancing user engagement and accessibility.

Bloom For Women Internship                        Project Manager- September 2022- December 2022                        

  • Boosted blog post engagement and new client registrations by 60.9% at Bloom for Women through targeted SEO strategies, demonstrating expertise in digital marketing and analytics.
  • Led three concurrent projects, conducting market research and competitive analysis that drove strategic decisions.

The Next 3D Perception Co Ltd

Content Editor

The Next 3D Perception Co Ltd.                      Content Editor- August 2022-August 2022

  • Translate and edit the book “International Report of Supportive Environment on Artificial Intelligence Courses in K-12.”
  • Communicate with the author to ensure accuracy in translation and professional concepts.
  • Independent background research on the topic to understand the key objectives of the book.

BYU Independent Study                                      Instructional Design Assistant – September 2021- August 2022

  • Enhanced BYU’s independent study STEM courses by applying advanced Canvas design tools and HTML, demonstrating strong design acumen and technical proficiency.
  • Rapidly mastered basic HTML and copyright laws within three days, accelerating the publication of courses and showcasing exceptional self-learning capabilities.
  • 2024: “Identifying Conflicts that Arise in Cross-Cultural Online Communication”- Explored cultural communication barriers via interviews, offering solutions for enhanced digital interaction.
  • 2023: “A Privacy Paradox? Willingness to Disclose Health Status Through Technology”- Examined privacy impacts on COVID-19 status sharing, identifying factors that influence disclosure decisions.
  • 2022: “Effects of Interpersonal Interaction in Electronic Learning”- Studied e-learning’s effect on student interaction and learning, revealing key insights into digital education dynamics.

BYU Chinese Students and Scholars Association

BYUCSSA President- February 2022- Present    

  • Developed and managed BYUCSSA’s first website and social media platforms, growing followers to over 500 and assisting 100+ students with BYU applications.
  • Led weekly meetings, delegated tasks aligning with member skills, and organized a major event that drew over 100 participants, revitalizing association activity after two years of stagnation.
  • Initiated and co-hosted BYU’s first “Chinatown” event with a faculty member, drawing 100+ attendees; designed promotional materials and led event planning.

Teach English to Children in China Project Founder

  • Led a project that recruited 30+ volunteer teachers and secured a long-term partnership with the Children’s Home, showcasing effective project management and collaboration skills.
  • Streamlined educational content by organizing and enhancing training manuals, multimedia aids, and materials for children’s programs, ensuring engaging and effective instructions.
App design, Personal well-being, Product interviews

StressWatch App

This is an app designed to provide practical choices for reducing stress. From our research, we found that current stress apps connected to smartwatches show an 85% increase in stress after just one week of use. To address this, we developed StressWatch, featuring a unique “panic attack button” that sends vibrations to the user’s watch, providing an external distraction during intense situations. StressWatch aims to offer a more effective and user-friendly approach to managing stress.

App design, Email marketing plateform, social impact


Mailato is an email marketing system designed to improve response rates for non-profit organizations. Often, these organizations’ important messages get neglected due to a lack of assistance and proficiency in email marketing. After interviewing many non-profits, we developed Mailato to address this issue. The system uses AI to prioritize email subjects based on readers’ interests and reading habits. Additionally, users can manually select the themes they need, ensuring that their most urgent and relevant messages receive the attention they deserve.



Twilight is an exchange program that connects seniors with caregiving and nursing students, who provide services in exchange for free accommodation. We collaborate monthly with senior support groups to understand their needs deeply. Many seniors prefer not to move to senior living facilities but still require some assistance. Twilight addresses this by offering a solution that supports both the seniors in need and the caregivers who require personal time.

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