BYU Chinese Students and Scholars Association


After being elected as the President of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, I strategically analyzed students’ feedback and data to measure the success of our events and social media campaigns. The result? A phenomenal 20% increase in event attendance and a remarkable 30% boost in social media engagement. I also initiated a social media management project from scratch, amassing a highly engaged following of 700+ users. Moreover, I successfully organized and executed various large-scale events, including the Chinese BYU New Year Gala and Chinese Cultural Festival, which celebrated Chinese culture and fostered a sense of community among participants.

my goal

As the BYUCSSA President, my goal was to empower and support Chinese students in their journey to apply for BYU, establish a Teaching English Program, and foster a sense of unity among the community. Through these initiatives, I aimed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all Chinese students, helping them thrive academically and socially at BYU.

my work

I spearheaded a dynamic leadership team, adeptly leading meetings, networking with professors, and attending professional events. Collaborating with other schools, I excelled in project management and implemented initiatives that enriched the experiences of Chinese students, fostering a strong and vibrant community.

my process

With a focus on efficient processes, I built a streamlined management tool to effectively delegate tasks and track progress, setting up regular meetings with each member to ensure alignment and productive communication. By keeping everyone on the right track, I fostered a collaborative environment that optimized productivity and achieved our goals.

Events we have organized


Teaching English to Orphans in China (1)

Service Project

The Teaching English to Children in China project offers students a chance to volunteer and teach English to children in China. With customized lesson preparation and teaching opportunities on Fridays, this program aims to provide equal English language learning opportunities to these children.

Social Media

I successfully initiated the BYUCSSA Red account, nurturing it from 0 to over 1000+ followers. Through this platform, I provided invaluable assistance to over 100+ students in their application process, sharing valuable insights through 21 engaging posts. Together, we built a supportive community dedicated to helping Chinese students thrive at BYU.

Official Website

I played a pivotal role in building the official website for BYUCSSA, enabling broader access to our valuable resources. Through this initiative, we empowered a wider audience, ensuring that our resources and information were readily available to support and guide Chinese students in their academic and social endeavors at BYU.